In one of our previous posts, we explored the idea of finding balance between new-school & old-school business operations, as there are many traditional facets of running a business that new companies should take into account when starting a new venture. Today we’ll look at five ways that an online reservation tool can increase satisfaction for all parties involved; including yourself, your staff members and your customers.

1. Get Paid Immediately

Get your money faster with online credit card processing and automated bank deposits. Collecting money upfront from the travelers dramatically reduces the rate of cancellations and gives the traveler peace of mind knowing that they have paid and received a booking confirmation email.

2. Increase Your Bottom Line

Paying $50/month for a booking system can help you better allocate your resources, increase your return per dollar spent and cut down on emissions. Did you know that payment gateways like Stripe don’t have monthly merchant fees and they refund processing fees in the event of a cancellation? That is why Agenda integrates Stripe directly into its platform.

3. Easily Manage Inventory

The calendar and availability on your website update automatically every time a traveler books with you. You don’t need to lift a finger. Did one of your guides call in sick? Not to worry. Open up the back office of the booking system and move current clients to a new date, reduce the amount of available seats or simply cancel the tour with a few clicks. These changes will instantly be visible on your website and will prevent you from overbooking or bite off more than you can chew.

4. Improve Communication With Office Staff and Guides

Guides and office staff are the face of your business. Communication between them is critical to provide superior customer service. An online booking system simplifies communication between all of your employees with features like:

  • Printed customer rosters
  • Text notifications to guides upon assignment
  • Two-click calendar syncing (to add upcoming shifts to staff calendars)

  • 5. Save up to 3 Hours Every Day

    An online booking system can save your staff up to 3 hours every day by eliminating the back and forth from reservations. Travelers have less questions for your staff as they are able to see what times your tours are running, how many seats are available on your tours, and the different price points displayed directly on your website. They can book 24/7 regardless of if you have someone in your office and automatically receive an email receipt and booking confirmation. You can use these free hours to focus on other aspects of your business or even get out of the office early for once!