Does convenience justify change? In the world of leisure activities & services, making changes to the way business is conducted is not a simple task. When considering all the moving parts like unfamiliarity, staff training and overall risk, it’s no wonder why many “old guards” prefer sticking to what they know best.

For most, the difficult part is being able to identify the exact point change is justified. For example, would change be worth being able to spend more time with family? How about getting a higher return on every dollar spent? The circumstances for adjustments are unique to each business.

To explore some of the changes companies have made in the recent years, we interviewed five partners to hear some of their justifications on making a switch. To hear the audio recordings, scroll down and press “Play”.


The five businesses we contacted had the following in common:

  • Min. 10-year establishment in an industry vertical
  • Min. 2-year experience using social media
  • Min. 1-year experience using an online booking system

  1. How would you describe an old-school x company vs new-school x company?
  2. What old-school elements have you kept and why?
  3. What new-school elements have you adopted and why?
  4. Do you have any regrets?
  5. What advice would you have for businesses who are considering changes?

Sam Wilson (26) | Owner | Vintage Wine Tours

Paul Taplin (30) | Owner | Into The Wild Cycling Tours

Lindsey Beck (34) | Reservation Manager | Hoodoo Adventures

Sherry Martin (41) | Owner | Blackcomb Sleighrides

Bernard Labrosse (70) | Owner | Windsure Adventure Watersports

  • New school methods should be tried in order to see if there is a fit on a per-case basis.
  • Anyone can learn how to use a booking system as long as a strong support team is present.
  • Saving time & increasing operational efficiency are the two greatest benefits from using new tools.