Windsure Adventure Watersports - Vancouver, B.C.

Bernard Labrosse began teaching windsurfing lessons over 38 years ago. Turning his passion into a profession, Bernard was able to work in many different countries around the world. One of original pioneers to bring ocean windsurfing to Canada, Bernard started Windsure Adventure Watersports, one the very first windsurfing schools in the Vancouver area, in 1978. Located on British Columbia’s Burrard Inlet, Windsure customers get access to some of the most consistent wind conditions in the world.
What started as a one-man show, with 10 rental boards is now 40 employee operation that caters to hundreds of clients each summer. Offering windsurfing lessons, skimboarding summer camps and stand up paddleboarding courses and rentals, Windsure draws travelers, locals and school groups from all over the lower mainland.

Before Adventure Bucket List

It took lots of hard work to get Windsure to where it is today and it was not always smooth sailing. Before moving reservations online, Windsure Adventure Watersports did all of its scheduling over the phone. "It was a very inefficient system. I used to spend hours on the phone with customers explaining all our different offerings and availability. People had to hang up the phone because they didn’t have time to listen”.

Moving to online reservations

Getting a website was a great first step towards a more efficient business. He no longer needed to explain so much over the phone, but he still had to take calls for reservations because the software systems he used were confusing his customers or simply did not work.

"We’ve used a number different reservation software providers in past years. We wasted a lot of money expensive software that took months to set up and just didn’t work. I’m sure we lost hundreds of customers simply because they couldn’t navigate the software system.”

Bernard Labrosse Owner, Windsure Adventure Watersports

The AGENDA Experience

It was the fast, easy setup and the simple customer checkout process that sparked Bernard’s interest in Adventure Bucket List. "What I love most about Adventure Bucket List is how simple it is to set up and edit the software. Our online sales have increased tremendously because it is so easy for our customers to book online. It’s a real asset to our business. It makes our life easy and profitable”.

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