General Questions

Can I accept payments in different currencies?
Yes, you can accept payments from your customers in 90 different currencies. We will automatically convert the money into either USD, CAD or the currency attributed to your bank account.
Is there up-front cost?
We offer a 7 day free trial and an additional 30 day money back guarentee so you can make sure our system is right for you. Our software starts at $49.99/month.
What credit cards do you accept?
With Stripe as our payment gateway, we enable you to process currencies from 130 countries with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and AmericanExpress.
Is there a charge for refunds?
No, there is no fee whatsoever if you refund a purchase.
What kind of fraud protection do you have?
Stripe constantly analyzes customer data and purchase behaviour to catch the transactions most likely to lead to fraud. We hold onto customer payments for two weeks before directly depositing them into your bank account. This allows Stripe to rule out any fraudulent activity.
How often do I receive transfers?
7 days from the date of payment, funds are sent in a direct bank deposits on a rolling basis.
What shows up on Clients credit card Statements?
The Business name entered at signup is what will show up on the card holders statement.
What Type of website is it compatible with?
We can work with any website, our widgets are live on HTML websites as well as many other templates including; Squarespace, Word Press, WIX, Weebly, JOOMLA, Drupal and more.
Will I need a Stripe Account to process payments?
No, you will not be required to create a seperate Stripe account, it happens through your account setup automatically.
How are my contact details used in Agenda?
The information entered into My Account > Profile will be used to create a contact field at the bottom of automated booking confirmations sent to clients, this will also be displayed in booking pages and widgets.
How do I sign up?
To create an account,Click Here


Can I add bookings to dates in the past?
Yes you can. Although a client will be unable to add a booking to a past event via your website, you can always add bookings to past events on the back-end.
Is it possible to accept a booking now but collect payment later?
Yes. If you would like to help a client secure a reservation without having to pay at registration, select the "Pay Later" payment option when adding a booking on the back-end.
Can I import my transactions into QuickBooks?
Yes. Use the date filter to download a range of transaction records in CSV format. Then, upload the CSV into QuickBooks.
Can I print a roster for an entire day instead of an event?
Yes you can. If you would like to print a daily roster instead of a single event's roster, use the Daily Dashboard View to access a given date. Then, click the Print Roster button.
How do I track transfers to my bank account?
To track the batched transfers into your bank account, access Metrics > Transfers. If you have any questions regarding transfers into your account, please contact [email protected]

For additional questions and tutorials, please refer to our Help Center