Dish Cooking Studio - Toronto, ON.

Dish was established in 1999, Pam started working there 15 years ago as a barista. She quickly moved up through the company and in no time was the Managing Director of the cooking school. In 2009 Pam bought the business and has been the owner/operator since.
The school recently moved to a beautiful new location at 587 College St. in Little Italy, Toronto, Ontario.

Dish is primarily a cooking school, they teach people how to cook all different types of cuisines from around the world. There are several different classes ranging from French to Moroccan to Italian. They also offer date night classes to get your spouse out for a fun packed evening, skills classes such as knife skills and dumpling making and just recently started offering classes for children. Dish also has a prepared food business and a cafe. Dish brings people together through food and brings food into peoples homes.

Before Adventure Bucket List

Dish took bookings over the phone, emails, and through Paypal. They would record bookings on different pieces of paper and spread sheets, client details would be lost and often they would have classes that were overbooked and you can't do that in the food business. Additionally, lots of clients reached out saying they didn't want to use Paypal as it was too much of a hassle.

"You have to know how many people are coming into a class to prepare the proper amount of food and we also staff based off the number of attendees. In the old system, we never really knew how many people were coming in and you can't do that in the food business, it made us look unprofessional."

Moving to online reservations

With Adventure Bucket List we are able to know exactly how many people are showing up to each class, what their allergies are and any other needs they may have. Since we switched from PayPal, our online sales are up 50% and their staff is saving at least 3-4 hours of work every week.

"Now that we are all setup with Adventure Bucket List, it is one more thing I can take off my to-do list. Everything runs itself and they have been great at keeping me feeling supported."

Pam Pridham Owner, Dish Cooking Studio

The AGENDA Experience

"Technology is not my forte and Adventure Bucket List's staff has been great at guiding me though every step of the process. It is so easy, 2-3 clicks and I can see everything that I need. If I ever have a question I send an email and they are always there for me."

Favourite Feature?

"My favourite feature is the fact that I can print off a list of who is attending the class that day, all their details like allergies/dietary restrictions are there and we will never be overbooked again!"

To learn more about Dish Cooking Studio, visit their website: Dish Cooking Studio