Social media has evolved into one of the best ways to reach customers over the past few years. One of the big challenges is tailoring ads to the desired target audience. When used correctly, Facebook ads can be an excellent driver of bookings in peak season. They can help you grow your customer base while encouraging existing customers to come for a second helping.

There are a few easy tips & tricks that businesses can follow to ensure they are making the most of their Facebook advertising dollars.

1. Target Your Audience (Smaller & In Proximity)

The more specific your audience, the higher your conversion. Target users that have indicated their interest in your particular field and live within an hour drive of your operation. This will increase conversion dramatically.

2. A/B Test Images

Images & videos play a large role in click-through-rates (CTR). Many companies make the mistake of uploading low-resolution images as well as images that viewers simply do not resonate with. Facebook ads should always be vivid, relevant and have an obvious call-to-action. The most effective ads have high-resolution photos with minimal attention-grabbing text. Always have people review a few image options and confirm the most appealing option before placing a bet.

  • Use Unsplash to find royalty-free stock images you can use in your ads.
  • Use Canva to make edits and turn your image into a real ad.

  • 3. Keep Text Short & Concise


    Studies have shown that the most clicked on Facebook ads contain buzz words including "Win", "Free & "New”. The most popular headlines are five words long.

    Main Text

    Describe the offerings of your business but make it short and sweet.

    Link Description

    Summarize the promotion they will be directed to when clicking on the call-to-action (button).

    4. Link Ads To Landing Pages

    When using a Facebook ad, you are promoting a particular offering. After clicking on an ad, your customers should be redirected to a webpage that reflects the specific offer you have shared. The number of people who convert into paying customers increases when they see clear messaging and obvious calls to action such as a sign up form. Using a landing page can help you venture into the unknown without negatively impacting the SEO of your main website.

  • Use Unbounce to build landing pages without the need of a web designer.

  • Conclusion

    By following these four tips, companies of all sizes have managed to drive customers through Facebook advertisements. One of the best ways to ensure website visitors are converting into paying customers is to have a conversion tool like an online booking software in place.