With the advent of productivity tools like Office, Analytics, Drive, Dropbox, Hubspot, Hotjar, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, Slack, Asana, Trello, Zapier and many others, businesses are having a difficult time deciding which apps to use, let alone research in the first place. The irony that exists today is that companies wanting to streamline operations end up having to use many different platforms to achieve real fluidity. This begs the question: At what point does using 5+ applications make more sense than using a couple platforms that can perform all the required functions?

Here are five benefits to consider when consolidating business tools:

1. Time

You could save a considerable amount of time by using one or two platforms as opposed to many. Even though you may spend more time in the beginning, finding a single tool that can perform two or more of your desired functions can optimize your use of time and your investment.

2. Peace of Mind

On a similar note, you can eliminate stress that comes from slowed speeds (due to multiple programs running) and have access to everything you need on a minimum number of tabs. A good analogy to consider is whether you would prefer using a landline or a smartphone. A landline is capable of making calls whereas a smartphone is capable of calls, texts, emailing, internet browsing, paying bills, app use, and more on a single interface.

3. Data Sets & Tracking

From a data standpoint, many issues can arise from transferring or importing/exporting data sets between platforms. Furthermore, without proper synchronization between the platforms you may have difficulty remembering which app contains a relative campaign, contact or saved piece of information you are looking for. Having a single search box will optimize operations by allowing you to trace exactly what you are looking with minimal effort.

4. Money

This a no brainer. If an application on the market is capable of performing three out of five requirements and the cost is less than using three paid individual tools combined, why pay more? Extrapolating further, consolidating platforms can increase your return on labor costs and increase employee satisfaction. This is because staff members will spend less time performing mundane tasks and will be able to focus on the human element of interacting with your serviceable guests. Consider optimizing your costs at every turn.

5. Training

Scale applies when needing to train staff members on various platforms. The more complicated the setup, the higher the price. It is better practice to keep the number of platforms you use to a minimum, especially when considering companies with 10 more employees (think of the scale of training costs). Simply put – more platforms = more work. To find out how you can combine a CRM, Excel spreadsheets, Email automation, E-commerce functionality & your payment gateway into one platform, check out the following page.