When it comes to configuring your Wordpress website for e-commerce abilities, sometimes WooCommerce plugins can fall short. Although a powerful tool for businesses that predominantly sell products, many service-based businesses have voiced frustrations & limitations with regards to its less popular WooCommerce Bookings plugin. Much of which can be found on their existing Improvement Board.

In this post we will cover why, to some respects, third-party booking solutions may be a better bet for tour & activity companies that do not associate themselves with salons, spas or doggy day care facilities. Whether you may be a part of a cooking school or studio, artisan workshop, shooting range, food/brewery or wine tour, dogsledding tour, bicycling experience, whitewater rafting, kayaking, whale watching or sightseeing tour – here is what you should know about the Agenda app.

1. Support Turnaround

Agenda’s support team is great. Whether you are starting up with a new bookings platform or need help with an existing reservation, response turnaround can be vital. What many free booking & appointment scheduling software often forego is an instrumental customer success team. With an average 5-minute turnaround time, Agenda’s customer service team & resources are available 24/7 via chat functionality in its back-end dashboard.

2. Features & Functionality

When comparing WooCommerce Bookings vs other Wordpress scheduling platforms, the big ticket items to consider are features. Some notable functions that WooCommerce Bookings seems to lack vs most third-party reservation systems include:

  • Google Calendar Sync
  • Multiple Time Zone Support
  • Check Availability Widget
  • Multiday Tour Support
  • Embeddable Front-End Calendar (customer-facing)
  • Comprehensive Deposits & Multiple Payment Installment Capabilities
  • Easy Integrations With Third-Party Sales Channels & Vendors

3. Intuitive Design

Software & applications are constantly evolving and each year they are getting easier to use. The point is, why drown in a back-end portal that requires significant training time and is hard to use. The same way you are probably using Wordpress to avoid staring at raw HTML code, use an intuitive bookings platform if you are not well-versed in programming. Drag-and-drop functionality & design can reduce headaches tenfold, especially for legacy business owners and reservation managers.

Agenda’s step-by-step tutorial and intuitive UI/UX design helps new users get setup in less than an hour & enables businesses to manage bookings on mobile, tablet & desktop devices.

Try the Agenda Plugin

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