This article highlights some of the important tools, techniques and aspects to remember when using twitter for your business.

1. Decide the purpose: Build Brand? Generate Leads? News?

2. Focus on your passion: Don’t be a jack of all & a master of none. Passion will make it stronger & find others with similar interests

3. Define your brand: Decide how you want the world to view your twitter account. Specialize in one subject? More general? Do you want to be a thought leader? If so, follow others that you admire and want to be like

4. Determine Your Strategy:

  • A. Is it to communicate? Then you will have to attract attention. This means you need to tweet, direct message, engage with other users and focus on getting info out onto the twitter world.
  • B. Is it to listen? Follow the right people & learn to use filtering tools (eg. Hashtags & twitter lists)

5. Understand the platform: RT= re-tweet TT= trending topics

6. Name: Your name is crucial. It is how people are going to view you, remember you and tag you.

7. Good Picture: Use logo if you have one. You want people to ultimately recognize you and your brand. It should be clear, well-lit and minimal words

8. Find your Keywords: Google keyword search is important. Divert a River. Do not dig a well… meaning tap into existing traffic rather than trying to create it from scratch. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel

9. Search and Identify #Hashtags: This makes the words more searchable to other consumers (readers) and it helps you connect with users with similar interests. The common role is a maximum of 2 hashtags a tweet. Tools for hashtags are: twitter tool bar,, Topsy, Twitter Reach & Social Mention

10. Wordsmith: Wordsmith your profile with keywords for search & fun facts for people: Include keywords in your twitter profile.

11. Bio: Make your twitter bio intriguing and REAL. Embrace the space – the bio is your 160 character elevator speech. You want it to tell the twitter world what you do or believe in.

12. Publish twitter ID in your other media. Sharing is caring. You want all of your social media contacts to view all social platforms you have set up for your business

13. Twitter Tools: Insightpool, Tweepi , Twitonomy, Klear -> these allow you & informs you of who to follow or target on the people your business is hoping to target

14. Follow: First Rule… Just do it. At least 2k

15. Favourite Follower Rule: you click favourite on a tweet, then follow them. This helps gain targeting following by first finding tweets that match your interest & targeted keywords. Once this happens, hopefully, your profile is compelling enough and they reciprocate. Takes time but higher quality & engaging followers

16. The Offer-Follower Rule: You follow me; I give you something. Give them something that your target audience will value & make it easy for them to get it.

17. Choose your lists: this allows you to listen to relevant convo’s, identify influencers & filter out the noise so you can focus on the people and topics you care about.

18. Two ears & one month rule: Listen & research first before you speak. A great tool to know what is going on in your area of interest is TinyTorch

19. Use TweetDeck & HootSuite to listen to the conversation about you, your company, or your industry.

20. Create & tweet GREAT ORIGINAL CONTENT that fits your purpose. Create content that is informative and entertaining. Write about industry news, especially if you're in the position of breaking the news. Stay on top of trends & provide commentary that adds context. E.g. someone releases groundbreaking research in your industry, write about this research. Don’t just regurgitate it. Use your own expertise to explain why this is important. Show how others in your industry can apply it to their work. Use short-form (tweets) and long-form (blog posts) to establish yourself as a thought leader.

21. Spend your time on really great headlines w/ keywords. Some proven headlines are:

  • Lists – Headlines with #’s in them ex.“ 7 Undeniable Reasons…”
  • How to titles ex. How To Grow You Business In 2 Weeks
  • Refer to a Shark ex. “ What Elon Musk Can Teach You about….”

22. Keep Tweeting – Resend Tweets w/ different angles: send a tweet 4 times to cover all 4 time zones. Use statistics to show significance. Address tweets to the individual “Why Should You…”

23. Alternate tweets by time of day & day of the week: best time Friday 4pm ET. Use a tool that allows you to schedule your tweets: (ex. hootsuit)

24. Bridge Twitter & Other Media - use the same picture & videos. eg.

  • Twitpic
  • Youtube Videos
  • AudioBoom

25. Retweet Great Content- Retweeting does two things:

  • 1. Helps you make friends with other influencers
  • 2. Shows your followers that you’re an active member of your online community.

Two ways to send retweets:

    1. Retweet Button
    2. View tweet, click replay, copy & paste the original, place RT in front of the original tweeter’s twitter handle, or @sign (better for building your own branding).

26. Send direct tweets as a great form of communication:
Two ways:

    1. Alt-Replies: Reply
    2. Direct Message: Gray Gear Icon

27. Use Great Hashtags: make a hashtag for every event, presentation or tradeshow. Make sure to put your hashtags right at the bottom of each event materials you give out.

28. Leverage Tweets in Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & Blogs

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