9 to 5 workplaces are common all over the globe, but when it comes to flexibility, running a business remotely has many benefits to the employer and employees. Technology allows businesses to constantly evolve therefore, more and more people are able to do their jobs effectively from anywhere around the world. Are you wondering if running a business remotely is right for you? Here are 11 reasons why many companies are operated remotely:

Hiring Talent Is No Longer Difficult

The ability to hire remotely has no geographic boundaries. It’s easy, effective, and increases the loyalty of your employees for giving them the opportunity to build a life-work balance. Furthermore, many online apps such as Skype, Slack & Asana make communication easy to manage.

Employee Productivity Skyrockets

According to Global Workplace Analytics, remote workers produce 43% more output than their 9-5 counterparts. The study also suggests that 89% of remote workers think they are more productive as a result of being remote employees.

Remote Work Is A Morale Booster

As much as 80% of workers reported higher morale working remotely, while 69% reported lower absenteeism, according to an extensive study by PGI. Who knew that working away from a central office could increase production!

Healthier Lifestyle

People who work in relative locations have healthier habits as they are able to maintain a greater balance between life & work. Furthermore, remote workers and employers can spend more time with friends and family, which ultimately lowers stress and strengthens output. According to this 2011 Staples study, remote workers experience 25% less stress than their in-office counterparts.

Build Greater Mutual Trust With Employees

Remote workers have to work even harder to gain the trust of their employers. But this is why the employee-employer relationship has potential to flourish because once trust is achieved, there is even less supervision needed to get the job done.

Employee Turnover becomes a Non-Issue

Remote work reduces employee turnover drastically as this study published by Stanford suggests. The hiring process is expensive and remote work greatly decreases the amount of expenses that an employer would usually expect in an office setting. Stanford states that remote work is “highly-profitable” for any companies that do offer work-from-home options.

Build A Truly Diversified Team

More culturally diverse teams usually create more innovation because of the different perspectives each member brings to the table. In contrast, if hiring is stuck to geographical location, many companies are hiring because of the convenience of location rather than skill set. Being a remote employer can benefit you by being able to hire individuals with your particular expectations in mind.

More Technology, Less Hassle

Your remote business requires an efficient and easy-to-navigate website for your customers. Plenty of online services –like online booking and website reservation platforms – will help your website run like a non-stop, well-oiled machine 24-7 without much supervision. The benefit of this is that your website could potentially help you earn more revenue in the long run. You can also make use of free task and meeting apps like Slack to help your team stay informed.

Make Your Business Environmentally-Conscious

Your employees are not going to be contributing to pollution that comes with any form of commuting. They will be absolved from average emissions created as a result of working in a communal setting.

Reduce Overhead Costs

This one is a no-brainer, but it is often overlooked. Utilities like electricity, water, office supplies, and furniture are expenses that add up in the long-run. Fewer to no people in an office means you will spend less. Using online services such as website reservation platforms will lessen your need for actual employees, which lower your expenses even more.

Millennials Love Remote Work

According to this study by AfterCollege, 68% of millennial job-seekers said a remote option would greatly increase their interest in specific employers. The survey states, “Policies that cultivate a flexible, fun, and casual work environment have a positive impact” on millennial interests.

If you haven’t already started, take the necessary steps to build your business. Running an remote business isn’t easy, but with the help of online booking services, building a viable website to support your team doesn’t have to be a complete chore.